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Blood Tithe

NAME.Dominic De Luca
CANON POINT.Discount Armageddon


FAMILY.Antonio, father (deceased)
Christabelle, mother (deceased)
HOMETOWN.Genoa, Italy

HAIR.Dark brown
EYES.Dark brown
SCARS.Small scars on his hands, and a larger one on his side
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Dominic is, first and foremost, a raised and trained member of the Covenant of St. George. What that means is that he’s been raised to be a fanatic, someone who believes in the absolute right of humanity to exist above everything else. His parents were killed when he was young, and while the Covenant was always going to be his destiny, after that they became his destiny without even the tempering influence of family (even if that family had a legacy of Covenant service going back hundreds of years). The Covenant owns his heart as much as they own his soul.

He has made himself exist almost entirely for the sake of his duty, eschewing things like modern culture entirely. That’s not something that’s required or even expected of members of the Covenant, it’s just something he does because he knows what’s important to himself. What’s the most important to Dominic is his sense of honor. It’s that which helps to inform his position and devotion to the Covenant. He believes that he’s doing God’s work, and whether or not he chose it, he intends to carry through on his oaths. Having been shown the light, having been raised to it, it would be a particular sort of wrong to turn it away, yes, but it isn’t dogma alone that tells him what’s right and what’s wrong. Dominic has a strong sense of personal integrity, it’s just that he thinks the dogma of the Covenant fits into that.
Dominic's training within the Covenant was multi-pronged. In addition to learning Latin, English and at least written Burushaski and likely a couple of monster languages at a minimum, he was taught to fight with military precision. He’s been trained from birth to fight, however, and has skills in setting traps, and using throwing knives, regular knives, swords, crossbow, and guns. Throwing knives are his preferred weapon. His training has been thorough and dangerous in its own right — he’s never been in the field alone before and he already has some scars on his body and on his hands. He’s also freshly out of training, which means he’s never had to interact with a sentient monster. He believes in the right of humanity to be the ultimate predator, but that faith has never been challenged by having to kill something that’s talking to him, yet.
He has good, strong bone structure, dark eyes and dark hair, 5’7”, lean and solid looking, with the muscles of a professional athlete. He’s Italian, olive-skinned, with small scars on his hands and larger ones other places. His face is very expressive, although that expression is rarely a cheerful or happy one. He speaks English with a British accent. He’s prefers to dress in a black duster with body armor beneath. He’s also heavily armed, with in excess of twenty weapons (2 silver-tipped knives, one larger hunting knife, one short sword, a half dozen throwing knives, four vials of holy water, a crossbow and bolts, an ashwood stake, rope, spear, sword). That’s pretty much just what he carries for a walk around the block back home.
Dominic De Luca was born the son of Christabelle and Antonio De Luca. They were killed by a hydra when he was still very young, because the monsters are real and his parents were members of the Covenant of St. George. The Covenant is a secret paramilitary organization founded to uphold one ideal — anything unnatural, anything that wasn’t present on Noah’s ark, needs to be destroyed. It’s an us vs. them view of humanity, where ‘us’ is humanity and ‘them’ is anything that’s trying to kill humanity. They were founded in the days of dragons and basilisks and big flashy monsters, where entire villages were razed to the ground by monsters.

Perhaps the Covenant was too successful, because they defeated most of the obvious threats through their purges, and what was left were the monsters that did a better job of blending in with native populations (human or animal). But the Covenant of St. George believes strongly that every monster (roughly classified as everything that they believe not to have been present on Noah’s Ark) should be wiped out. Of those, they sort into roughly two categories. The first is those that should be killed on sight because they’re an active threat to humanity and the second is those which are not a threat and can be left alone if it would be an inconvenience to go after them. Whether harmless or not, the Covenant believes the extermination of these species is morally necessary and the will of God.

Dominic is a knight-in-training of the Covenant of St. George, and having been raised wholly by that same organization he believes in their mission and their dogma. He was born into the Italian Branch of the Covenant, but after his parents’ death (when he was around five) his training was taken over by the British branch.

He’d been sent to New York City on his own to prove himself, and to prepare the city for a purge. A purge is what it sounds like, when an army of Covenant soldiers tear through a city, destroying all the monster life that they can. Dominic’s role is to determine what the nature of that monster life is and what sort of measures will be necessary to destroy it. Instead he finds himself in the Irkallan Empire.
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Only the sword and crossbow are visible, the rest of the weapons are hidden under clothing. And he actually has even more knives than that.


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